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Top 10 Regtech Consulting/Services Companies – 2020

RegTech today is on a constant uphill climb and has grown significantly in both importance and size. Government institutions across the globe have become increasingly stringent with various regulations and, owing to the increasing number of threats organizations currently face, their actions are justifiable. However, the problem for banks and other related firms does not lie in trying to stay compliant alone: the existence of legacy systems have created several gaps in the implementation of new technologies. These instances have driven financial institutions to turn toward regtech solutions that leverage software and automation to close compliance gaps and address other regulatory challenges. Financial regulations like GDPR, PSD2, and MiFID II/MIFIR have made it absolutely essential to build compliant solutions, and thankfully, regtech solution providers today make it easy for the companies to remain compliant.

RegTech providers help organizations lessen their regulatory burdens while ensuring that they cut costs for the same. With the technology-based solutions provided by regtech companies, institutions can digitize and automate their compliance processes, collect the data, and produce reports in the formats prescribed by various governing bodies. Regtech professionals leverage AI to detect fraud or blockchain technology to prevent money laundering and also help finance companies to stay vigilant of any changes in concerned financial regulations. Cloud-based services are leading the charge, and regtech solution providers are driving innovation within companies that employ legacy systems as well. Regtech is increasingly becoming vital for measuring the regulatory impact and viability of business decisions in today’s highly globalized marketplace. And with the right solutions in place, risk assessment and compliance can be determined expeditiously.

This edition of Financial Tech Review comprises a list of leading regtech solution providers and consulting companies that guide financial institutions toward harnessing the power of innovative technologies to tackle today’s regulatory challenges. We hope this edition helps build partnerships that you and your firm require in order to foster a culture for immaculate compliance.

We present to you Financial Tech Review’s “Top 10 Regtech Consulting/Services Companies – 2020.”

    Top Regtech Consulting/Services Companies

  • AML Audit Services

    AML Audit Services

    AML Audit Services, LLC (AMLAS) is an Anti-Money Laundering consulting firm, comprised of certified AML specialists with expertise in independent testing. The company’s extensive knowledge of AML compliance regulations in multiple sectors enables it to create a custom approach for each client’s unique business model. AMLAS’ solution-driven processes are built around its clients’ unique needs. Assigned to each engagement is an AML certified, industry specialist who works with each client and serves as an advisor. The company takes the time to understand the subtleties and nuances of its clients underlying business model and combine its knowledge of the AML environment and regulatory expectations to assist in achieving a higher level of AML compliance

  • Capital Compliance Experts

    Capital Compliance Experts

    Capital Compliance Experts (CCE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. (CRS), was founded to address the growing need for compliance consulting for banks and money services businesses (MSBs). CCE is active in the provision of compliance technology and consultative services to clients. CCE consultants are a highly specialized team of experts that includes Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS), reviewers, analysts and attorneys. Through the utilization of the Compliance Management Portal, its clients can streamline all of their day-to-day compliance responsibilities. CCE takes pride in our ability to assist small to large MSBs in developing, reviewing and overseeing compliance management systems, mitigating risk, and helping our clients operate in an efficient and compliant manner

  • CorCom


    CorCom, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financial Crimes Prevention (FCP). They provide support to cryptocurrency exchanges, providers, and ICOs. The firm also offers consulting services, including BSA/AML/OFAC program development, risk management, training, advisory services, and independent reviews. CorCom, LLC further provides practical guidance to identifying risk, detecting suspicious or unusual activity and preventing exposure associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. The firm has experienced subject matter experts (SME) with a wide range of industry knowledge concerning banking and non-banking financial institutions

  • Macro Solutions

    Macro Solutions

    Headquartered in Washington DC, Macro Solutions is an information technology and management consulting firm that helps companies and government organizations select, implement, integrate and maintain critical end-to-end business solutions. From small fixes to massive transformations, Macro Solutions helps companies and government organizations achieve superior, sustainable results through a mix of diverse methods and practices, narrow specializations, and broad-based strategic consulting. They offer a wide range of services, including data management and analytics, enterprise solutions and intelligent automation, business architecture, agile and DevOps services, and much more

  • Prescio


    Prescio is a financial and information technology consulting firm with decades of combined experience in risk management, financial modeling, systems administration, IT, and software development. The company’s mission is to be a valuable partner and source of technical expertise that helps its clients minimize operational costs, generate more revenue and manage risk. Prescio strives to remain a respected, cost-effective provider of financial technology, systems and software services. Prescio’s goal is to apply deep domain expertise with professional relationships to consistently provide for its clients, partners, and employees

  • RegTech Consulting

    RegTech Consulting

    RegTech Consulting, LLC provides an effective money laundering program balancing the needs and desires of all stakeholders. They offer unique strategies to allow the program to thrive by understanding different perspectives and competing interests. The Founder Principal of RegTech Consulting, LLC, Jim Richards, has three decades of extensive experience as an attorney, prosecutor, and BSA Officer. They offer a wide range of services, including crisis management, expert testimony, vendor selection, director support, fintech due diligence, and so on

  • RND Compliance

    RND Compliance

    The RND Compliance consulting team consists of veteran compliance and registration specialists, CPAs, MBAs, and FINRA rules compliance experienced examiners. Its experts are dedicated to ensuring that its financial industry clients are implementing the correct compliance and risk management strategies. Its dedicated team of experts come together in one coordinated program to assist you and your organization and keep your firm up-to-date with the latest government regulations, including the ever changing FINRA rules

  • SQA Consulting

    SQA Consulting

    SQA Consulting Limited provides all manner of Transformation, Cyber Security, Robotic Process Automation and AML Compliance Solutions. SQA Consulting's proven solutions enable change, provide confidence and ensure production stability. Intelligent business process automation is the company's holistic approach to reducing cost, improving performance, mitigating the risk of process failure and improving organizational value. The company understands that achieving the desired levels of change through automation is a unique journey for each organization. SQA Consulting tailors its services specifically to its clients needs and support them with its market-leading product portfolios

  • Titan Regulation & Advisory

    Titan Regulation & Advisory

    Titan Regulation & Advisory provides regulatory consulting services to financial services firms including banks, state-licensed mortgage lenders, SEC-registered investment advisers, FINRA and exchange regulated broker-dealers, CTA/CPO firms, private equity firms, and venture capital organizations. Their senior management has more than two decades of expertise in legal and regulatory roles for complex financial services organizations, serving as CCO for hedge fund and broker-dealer, market maker organizations. Titan's experience managing SEC, CFTC, FINRA and exchange regulatory compliance programs gives insight into complex trading strategies and how they intersect with the regulatory environment

  • Truvantis


    Truvantis is a cyber security organization with deep, comprehensive expertise in IT security testing, compliance, and governance program development. The company specializes in helping its customers improve their cyber security posture through practical, effective and actionable solutions—balancing security, technology, business impact and organizational risk tolerance. Truvantis is also an authorized PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company. Every member of the Truvantis team is a senior security engineer with years of experience. Together, its team has led the security, privacy and audits of the world’s top public companies under the leadership of former CTOs and InfoSec leaders, from startups to major enterprises

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